Inmesol, S.L. :
“Design, manufacture, marketing and technical assistance of the power generators, light towers, welders, motor-generators, tractor with PTO generator and hybrid generation systems.”

Inmesol power generator sets comply with European legislation and were given the CE marking
which includes the following directives:


  • 2006/42/EC on machinery safety.
  • 2005/88/EC on NOISE EMISSIONS by equipment for outdoor use (amends the 2000/14/ EC).
  • 2004/108/EC on Electromagnetic Compatibility (replacing 89/336/EEC)
  • 2006/95/EC on electrical safety, electrical equipment designed to be used within certain voltage limits
  • 2002/88/EC and 2004/26/EC amending the 97/68 on the emission of gases and pollutant particles from internal combustion engines that are installed in non-road mobile machinery.

It also complies with International Legislation and Regulations:

  • “Technical Regulation on Safety of Machinery & Equipment” No. 753, repealing GOST R standards for exports to Russia.
  • EN 61326:2006 on testing the electromagnetic compatibility
  • EN 12601-1:2010 on electrical safety testing on the distribution board
  • EN 12601:2010, for electrical safety testing in the whole power generator

The power ratings are for reference to environmental conditions: barometric pressure 100 kPa,
25°C and 30% relative humidity. These are defined by ISO 8528 and ISO 3046.

PrimePower (PRP) “Main Service” is applicable for power generators that function as main
electric power source. It may be overloaded by 10% in limited time points, maximum once
every 12 hours.

StandbyPower (LTP) “Emergency Service” applies to power generators that run during Electrical
Grid failure. This power may NOT BE OVERLOADED.

Nevertheless, to obtain long engine life, it is recommended that the active power average load
(kW) connected to the power generator set in any period of 24 hours of operation does not
exceed the following values:

  • In Main Service 70% of the power PRP.
  • In Emergency Service during Electrical Grid failure 80% of the power LTP.